We also create customized tattoos for events, weddings or any special moment that can be celebrated with temporary tattoos. So, if you would like to have your lover, favourite cat or granny illustrated, let us know. We’ll be glad to draw for you!

Here are some of our custom-made tattoos:

Matthäus Bär makes children’s music for parents. And for his fans we made this tattoo. Ready to rock!

A temporary tattoo as an entry ticket at the Fesch‘party 2016. The wolf tattoo added up nicely with all the nice things one shopped at the Fesch’markt and became the final touch of fanciness.

Every year the FH St. Pölten hosts the career networking fair that helps students and enterprises to inform and connect. For their goodie bag they commissioned us to design a tattoo.

A sausage tattoo for the fantastic Landjäger magazine.

Michael teaches music at a secondary school and as a reward for good work he gives his pupils these tattoos. Now that’s motivation!

Actually whippet Ali is scared of balloons, but for Maggie’s Birthday (and because it’s just an illustration and not a real balloon) he overcame his fear and dressed up! For her 30th Birthday Maggie’s boyfriend Pat asked us to create a tattoo of their dog.

OMG Alpacas! Creating this tattoo for the Senninghof was surely one of the most enjoyable works we have done so far, because, yes, petting and watching alpacas, you know what we mean...just look at them! You can go to the Senninghof and take a nice long walk with them and get this Alpaca tattoo. They even host Birthday parties there!

At the Stoffwerkstatt it’s all about the love for manufactures and detail. And a carefully designed temporary tattoo as a small Christmas present for temselves and their clients seemed just right.

More tattoos for the FH St. Pölten: For their alumnis their rubber duck mascot as a lovely temporary-tattoo-memory.

This is for all the Yoga aficionados: Power-yoga Vienna is THE place to exercise in a healthy and fun way. Barbara offers a variety of Yoga courses and as a cherry on top of the Yoga cake you can also get this temporary tattoo.


We love to hear from you. contact us at and we'll talk about your specially designed tattoos.