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Throughout the last few years we haven't really been able to decide what would be the ultimate design for a tattoo — the result of this is that we are still without permanent ink underneath our skin. But then we remembered all the fun, gimmicky stickers we used to plaster ourselves with when we were kids, and we thought it would be great to relive these moments!

Our temporary tattoos come in over thirty different shapes and colours, and they will decorate your skin for about three days. We designed them with a lot of love and they are printed in Austria according to the highest standards of quality. The ink we use is especially made for skin products and absolutely safe and non-toxic.

The people behind Young & Smitten are graphic designers and illustrators Elke and Barbara, aka Bauer & Hoffmann.

You can find a variety of pre-packed sets of 4 designs in Vienna: at the elegant MUMOK Design Shop, at the adorable Répertoire Gift Shop as well as at the lovely Design-made-in-Vienna-Shop Loretta Cosima.

If you dig our illustrations but temporary tattoos are not your thing you can check out other works by Elke and Barbara . At this point we would also like to publicly hug Dani, Matthew, and Andi for their great pictures — you guys rock!

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